Wave goodbye to high bills or poor lighting quality

The first wave of energy saving technology used CFC bulbs
These bulbs produce low quality of light, contain harmful elements like mercury and don't achieve great energy savings
Our range of LED-based energy saving bulbs have the same light quality as traditional bulbs and dramatic energy savings

Filament LED Bulb 1
Filament LED Bulb 2
Filament LED Bulb 3

Next day delivery available

Need an LED bulb ina hurry? We offer next-day delivery.

High CRI bulbs

CRI (Colour Rendering Index)is a good way to measure quality of light. Our bulbs have high CRI values - so they work just like traditional bulbs.

Unique designs

Our range of bulbs includes unique designer filament bulbs to enhance your home decor.

365-day guarantee

Bought the wrong bulb? Problems with your lighting? We offer a one-year, no quibble guarantee on all our products.

Like-for-like replacement bulbs

If you want to enjoy the energy-savings of LED technology, but just want to switch from traditional bulbs, we offer a range of like-for-like bulbs that have the same brightness and the same fitting sizes as your existing bulbs.

Unique manufacturing process

We provide hand-crafted bulbs with the highest quality control - not mass-produced lighting that can fail quickly.

Learn more about Energy Saving LED

Our mission is to provide LED lighting that uses the latest technology, has the maximum lifespan and saves the most energy.

Latest LED technology

Find out about the latest technology used in our energy saving LED bulbs.

Long-lasting bulbs

Bulbs that fail early don't save energy - or the planet.

Maximum energy-savings

Our unique like-for-like bulb replacements save up to 90% electricity.

Ready to save money and save the planet?